Making Action Easy w/ Habits – ABR044

Making Action Easy w: Habits Zachary Sexton

Humans are creatures of habit. If we do something one way on Wednesday, odds are we’ll do that same thing the same way on Thursday. Sometimes that helps us. Think about those who exercise regularly and can’t imagine otherwise. Other times, not so much. Think about those who arrive home each night and unthinkingly switch on…

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Convert Kit Demo

Convert kit demo

ConvertKit Demo Interested in email marketing? Here’s a demo to help you get started using ConvetKit. In this video, you’ll learn how to stay top of mind with your current, past and future clients using broadcast email. 40 minute audio on how to get started with email marketing Expand Listen to the full recording here. Get…

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Creating Bulletproof Goals – ABR043

bulletproof goals- Zack sexton

Goals have an impact beyond the obvious. Specific goals are connected to more important life goals. These higher goals reflect your most important ideas. The specific goal of losing 20 pounds, for example, may be an element of a more important life goal of being healthy or attractive to your (potential) romantic partner. For the…

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How to Choose Your Next Big Goal – ABR042


In this episode we cover: How to make a new year’s resolution that lasts How to prioritize your goals to make the most positive change Quotables: “You can anything, but you can’t do everything.” Links and resources mention: YNAB – You Need A Budget How to use the wheel of life: Print out the above…

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Guilty Pleasures of Working From Home

I am a big fan of working from home. It gives me the luxury of a quiet space with: awesome internet standing desk external monitor and two wonderful dogs to keep me company. In addition to getting to hang with furry buddies, I’ve got a short commute and can treat myself to fun, semi-productive activities throughout the week. Here are…

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How To Generate More Revenue w/ Contactually – ABR041

Contactually-Zvi Band

New, repeat and referral business all come from one place. Your relationships. Contactually CEO Zvi Band comes on the podcast to show us how to take the heavy lifting out of reaching out to and following up with your important business relationships. In this episode we cover: How to use a game to sort and…

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