Capture Everything, Regret Nothing w/ Mike Vardy-ABR005

In this wide ranging conversation, productivity strategist Mike Vardy and I talk about new years resolutions, theming your days, months and years, using modes to get your best work done at the right time and much more.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to use simple frameworks to be more consistent.
  • How to be productive when your energy levels are low.
  • Mike’s Vardiary and how to use journaling to let fewer obligations slip through the cracks.

Mike’s Quotables:

“Capture everything. Regret nothing.”
“We teach what we need to learn the most.”
“Frameworks foster freedom, but you need to make them your own.”
“Be effective first. Efficient Second.”

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Connect with Mike:

Twitter: @mikevardy

Instagram: @productivityist


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