TextExpander and writing automation w/ Greg Scown – ABR010

Greg Scown is the co-founder of Smile Software. Smile specializes in making productivity tools that save time and make your digital life easier.

Greg came on Able Business Radio to talk about Smile’s popular writing automation tool TextExpander.

TextExpander is one of my favorite applications. The software has transformed how accurately and fast I am able to communicate in writing. It does this by allowing me to save common:

  • phrases
  • symbols
  • links
  • images
  • email responses
  • file naming conventions

and more into a knowledge base. I then pull on that knowledge base by typing in keyboard shortcuts (that I create).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What TextExpander is and how to get started.
  • What type of programs TextExpander works in. (hint: everywhere)
  • How to take advantage of thinking you’ve already done.
  • How to iterate and create amazing, repeatable customer support responses.
  • The difference between the standalone app and the subscription service.
  • How to keep your TextExpander snippets up to date.


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