Reading at the Speed of Thought w/ Abby Marks Beale – ABR026

Abby Marks Beale Speed Reading

In this episode, we cover the “sins” of reading, strategies to overcome these sins, and other strategies to rev up your reading speed.

Sins/Normal Human Habits of Slow Readers

    • Daydreaming: Happens when you read slower than you think
      • Good Daydreaming: Applying your reading (bridge of knowledge)
      • Bad Daydreaming: Thinking about other things
      • *The Fix* Practice Mono-focusing (Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises)
    • Regression: Going back over words you’ve already read
      • Your eyes are not tracking equally from left-to-right
      • *The Fix* Using your hands or a card while you read
        • Place your left finger at the beginning of the line, and your right finger at the end of the line to train your peripheral vision.
    • Sub-Vocalization: When you talk in your head
      • Benefits: when you’re trying to savor text like poetry or trying to commit something to memory like Bible verses.
      • However, it slows your reading down to talking speed (about 150 words per minute)
    • Saving Reading to the End of the Day
      • *The Fix* Read when you’re awake
    • Reading in Bed
      • The body relaxes in beds, couches, and sofas
      • *The Fix* Control your environment (sit upright, at a desk/table, with your phone off, with classical music playlists)


  • “Everbody has these 5 gears. Most of us are stuck in first and second gear because we haven’t learned.”
  • “Being able to know when to go faster, when not to go faster, and how to do it is what I call the active, mindful and conscious strategies.”
  • “The difference between someone who is successful in their career and someone who is not is often based on how much they can read for professional development. So the more you can get through, the better off you are.”
  • “You’re trying to change the conversation that your eyes and brain have been having for a long time.”
  • “The hardest thing about learning how to read faster is being able to temporarily let go of comprehension.”

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