What’s Your Productivity Personality Type? w/ Devin Ambron – ABR045

Productive Personality Types w: Devin Ambron

What would a perfect year look like for you? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually? With your finances?

Devin Ambron put on a workshop this December to help Austin entrepreneurs build, plan and live their best year. We go over some of the strategies he used to help attendees kick butt in 2018. Including:

  • reflecting on the past
  • understanding the present
  • looking toward the future

One exercise that will help you understand your past, present and future is discovering your productivity personality type. Devin’s 4-part framework helped me understand why I love lists and reminders but have a hard time scheduling work for a specific time.

If you’ve ever felt like traditional time management books don’t work for you, you’ll definitely want to tune in.

We cut right into the conversation. Enjoy!

In this episode we cover:

  • 4 Productivity personality types and tips for succeeding with all of them.
  • Why most time management books don’t work. (Hint: They are only written for 1 personality type.)
  • How advice from the ADHD literature can help you keep your focus.


  • “Productivity advice only works for calendar worshipers. They live and die by the calendar.”
  • “I build beautiful plans… and then don’t execute them.”
  • “Authenticity and flexibility don’t get enough love.”

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4 Productivity Personality Types

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