Jim Benson Personal Kanban

Jim Benson shows you how to understand your work on a much deeper level.


So you can do the best thing at any given time.

Sounds difficult, right?

It’s not.

Jim’s methodology (Personal Kanban) is highly visual — you can see at a glance what needs to get done, what you’re working on, what your priorities are, and what you’ve accomplished.

Personal Kanban has two rules:

  1. Visualize your work.
  2. Limit your work in progress.

These rules (and some Post-It notes) will help you understand your work. And that understanding is the key to controlling it.

Listen in and enjoy!

Sticky Note Kanban

Orange = Leverage, Grey = Grow & Serve Community, Yellow = Expand Skills, Blue = Admin

In this episode we cover:

  • Why people should operate at less than 60% capacity.
  • How to visualize your work in a way that will make prioritization easy.
  • What is a rosy retrospective and how to avoid it.
  • When and how to review your done pile.


  • “Every task is a relationship. The more things we start, the more people will interrupt us.”
  • “We all have a lot of undiscovered us. So we need a place to put the ideas that we explore. Because if we don’t explore. And we just do the tasks. We’re kind of becoming machines.”
  • “As soon as you are able to define a repetitive process, you should try to get someone else to do it. Because as solopreneurs, we make money off of our ideas. We don’t make money off of production.”
  • “We don’t just outsource things, we pick collaborators.”
  • “The tool should match what you’re trying to get.”  
  • “You want the (Kanban) board to tell you something you don’t already know.”

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