Organizing Your Life w/ Trello – ABR004

Brittany is a Trello and productivity expert that works on a small marketing team. She shows us how you can use Trello collect, organize, review and do all the things that need to get done in your work and personal life.

In this episode we cover:

  • The 3 basic parts of Trello and how they help you and your teams wrap your heads around projects
  • Alternative task and project managers to Trello and when they should be used
  • Powerful Trello integrations and automations
  • How a 5 person marketing team uses the Agile Scum methodology and Trello to improve their work and team communication
  • Brittany’s personal Trello Life Dashboard she uses to organize and prioritize her weeks
  • How to remember and celebrate your big accomplishments

Links and resources mention:

Agile Scrum

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