5 Limiting Beliefs

People who get things done create systems to organize and execute around their priorities.

Below are 5 limiting beliefs about getting organized AND the reality behind overcoming them.

I Get Too Many Interruptions

Belief: “I can’t get work done because I am always being interrupted.”
Reality: You can block off times in your calendar to work on important projects.

Guard these times as if they were the most important meeting of your week. Also, have a specific outcome you wish to accomplish and be diligent about starting and stopping on time.

Be for you know it, your big tasks will be accomplished bit by bit.

It takes Too Much Time to Get Organized

Belief: “I don’t have the time to create a whole system to organize my life.”
Reality: Discovering a new organizational system that works for you will take some time. However, that time will pay interest in increased productivity over the years.

Even shaving seconds on a routine task can add up to weeks of time saved over the years.



source: xkcd

Organization Doesn’t Allow Me Freedom or Creativity

Belief: “I need freedom in my life. I can’t be pinned down by a calendar or a to-do list.”
Reality: A good organization system doesn’t limit your options …it increases them by allowing you to capture, process, organize, review and do all of the things you need to get done.

For you creative types, how many brilliant insights or beautiful projects never came to life because you simply forgot about them? That would not happen if you had a system to capture your ideas and look over them at a time and place where you can practice your creativity.

As for freedom, freedom from having to remember all of your ideas, appointments, to-dos etc. by using a trusted system that captures, organizes and reminds you what you need to be doing seems better than the freedom of winging it form day to day hoping nothing important is slipping through the cracks.

Planning, especially on a weekly basis, shouldn’t force you to be a slave to your schedule. The key is not to attempt to check everything off of your list or prioritize what’s on your schedule, but schedule your priorities. You find your priorities through an organized system that allows you to capture and review ALL of your information.

I’m No Good With Technology

Belief: “I never learned to program my VCR, why would I be able to program my life into my phone or computer?”
Reality: An organization system could be as simple as an inbox on your desk, alphabetized files in a drawer and a trusted calendar you take with you. Going digital offers automation and reminders that many find helpful, but there are always low tech solutions.

I’m Not Organized by Nature

Belief: “I’ve always been disorganized. It is just they way I am.”
Reality: I felt that way for a long time too. It takes more than motivation to get organized and become productive. It takes setting up positive habits and defaulting toward a ”˜plan, do, review’ mind set.

Think of finding your own system like a science experiment:

Chemists scientists equipment. flat design workspace concept. Chemistry and physics biology infographic icons. Laboratory lab with alembic vial hourglass dropper, vector illustration

“I hypothesize that if I plan 3 outcomes I’d like to get done for the week, I’ll make more progress than I would without planning my outcomes… Conclusion planning outcome did or did not work for me because…. Next week I will try or continue working on…

Recognizing limiting beliefs is the first step to overcoming them.

Have your noticed any other limiting beliefs that prevent people from optimizing productivity? Share your insights in the comments below.

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  1. Mark on January 6, 2017 at 3:12 am

    Nice post, Zachary.
    I like your suggestion for weekly experimentation… think I’ll be trying that.