The Likable Expert Advantage w/ Michael Katz – ABR048

Michael Katz is a likable marketing expert for solo professionals.

He came on the podcast to show you how you can get more and better clients by positioning yourself as a likable [fill-in-your-service] expert.

No marketing budget? No problem!

After listening to this episode, you’ll know how to attract all the clients you need with word-of-mouth marketing.

Like exercise, all it takes to see results is:

  • finding a routine you don’t hate
  • the commitment to show up every day

If you’ve been struggling to stand out from the crowd and find the clients you can’t wait to work with, this episode is a must listen.


Video Teaser:

In this episode we cover:

  • Why being a subject matter expert is not enough.
  • How to attract more of the right clients by adding personal stories to your marketing.
  • What percentage of your time should be spent on marketing.
  • 3 criteria for being a likable expert (and getting hired as a solo professional):
    • People need to believe you are capable and see you as an expert.
    • People need to like you, feel comfortable with you, value your point of view.
    • People need to remember youunderstand what you do and think of you first when a problem arises.


  • “Raising your likability is an easy and practical way to gain more clients.”
  • “The mindset of content is education. The mindset of networking is making friends.”
  • “If you connect with enough people. And you are helpful to people. It does come back to you.”
  • “You need to be as authentic as possible because you are trying to attract the people you click with and push away the people you don’t.”
  • “Nobody comes to your blog or talk to hear your stories. But the stories are what stick with them.”
  • “Your audience isn’t your peers. It’s the people who will hire you.”
  • “Personal stories are a competitive advantage to small business owners. Verizon can’t tell you what they did over the weekend.”
  • “Success comes from showing up every day.”

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