Making Action Easy w/ Habits – ABR044

Making Action Easy w: Habits Zachary Sexton

Humans are creatures of habit. If we do something one way on Wednesday, odds are we’ll do that same thing the same way on Thursday.

Sometimes that helps us. Think about those who exercise regularly and can’t imagine otherwise. Other times, not so much. Think about those who arrive home each night and unthinkingly switch on the TV.

So how do habits come to be? And how can we change them?

This podcast is the third and final episode of this goal setting, clarifying and doing series. It’s all about how to take consistent action on your goals using the power of habits.

In this episode we cover:

  • 3 ingredients needed to create, break or replace a habit.
  • How to know if a habit is formed.
  • 4 habit forming personality types.


  • “The best plans in the world don’t mean much if you don’t follow through.”

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