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Imagine this scenario. You sit down at your desk with a cup of coffee. Open up your computer to a blank desktop screen. You move your cursor to the bottom doc where your most used applications live. Click on the colorful, beachball looking Chrome icon. Your browser fires up, and all of this happens instantly:

  • Google Chrome welcome you back by name.
  • A beautiful new wallpaper, the time and local weather appear on your open tab.
  • Chrome asks you to what your main focus is so you can stay on track.
  • Your projects, resources, and calendar are one click away.
  • You are also one keyboard shortcut away from automatically logging into any needed websites.

This episode of Able Business Radio shows you how to optimize your online work environment with Google Chrome.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why the Chrome browser is almost 4x as popular as the closest competitor.
  • How to optimize your work environment to maximize your willpower and decisions making juice.
  • Where to start when customizing your Chrome account.


  • “Who you are, what you think, feel, and do, what you love – is the sum of what you focus on.”

Links and resources mention:


Effective Communication and Email

  • Grammarly – spell and grammar check your writing
  • – schedule meetings on the fly
  • Boomerang – Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders.
  • Calendly – create schedule links with predetermined time slots and questions

Bonus (not mentioned on air) Extensions and Tools

Zack’s Google Chrome Tool/Bookmark Bark

Zack Sexton Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Momentum App


How to hide extensions from your “upper right-hand corner thingy”

hide chrome extensions

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