Top 10 Evernote A Ha Movements w/ Zack and Stacey Harmon – ABR031

Top Ten Evernote A ha’s

  1. Use the desktop app.
    • Use the desktop app for organizing
    • Use the phone app for capturing or finding
  2. Forward email directly to your Evernote (especially for taxes)
  3. Configure the Sidebar to maximize data navigation
  4. Use “Multiple Select” to create a Table of Contents
  5. Use Stacks to declutter your “Digital Desk”
  6. Organize Evernote Stacks with PARA.
    2. Zack’s Evernote PARA video
  7. Change default notebook to .inbox.
  8. Use Contol + ⌘ + M to quickly move notes
  9. Use Note Links
  10. Continually improve notes through progressive summarization.

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