Sexy Evernote Settings w/ Stacey Harmon – Rebroadcast

Stacey Harmon is here to show us how to get our settings right so we can organize, and quickly access our entire Evernote archive in seconds.

In this episode we cover:

  • How to use Evernote to digitize and centralize your information.
  • How to email notes to Evernote.
  • Why getting the right settings makes it less stressful to get all of your information in order.

Current Webinar Details:

  • Webinar Date: Thursday, August 3, 2017
  • Webinar Time: 5:00 pm Central Time
  • Webinar Title: The Insider Secrets for Organizing Your Life and Boosting Your Productivity with Evernote
  • Webinar Registration Link:

Links and Resources mentioned:

Keyboard shortcuts

  • ⌘ + J to jump to new notebook
  • Control + ⌘ + M to move notebooks


Changing sync settings:

Changing the sidebar options:

Connect with Stacey:

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