Entrepreneurial You w/ Dorie Clark – ABR034

I Googled the word ‘entrepreneurial‘ to make sure I spelled the word correctly for the podcast shownotes. (Hint: I didn’t.)

Google thought I would like to know the definition of ‘entrepreneurial.’ It gave me the following as my first search result:

Entrepreneurial – adjective – characterized by the taking of financial risks in the hope of profit.

Entrepreneurship is by definition risky.

Or is it?

The question of riskiness depends on how you think about risk. If you choose to have a job, you have one steady income stream. That income stream is called your paycheck. Steady seems less risky. But what happens if you are let go from that job?

100% of your income goes away is what happens.

And that’s the situation my guest Dorie Clark found herself in. She’s had one income stream. That income stream went away at a less than opportune time (seriously… could not have been a worse date).

It’s now been many years since her fateful ‘no mo money’ day.

Dorie has spent the time growing her skills, experimenting with technology, making mistakes, seizing opportunities, sharing her message and working hard to create a business and brand that has a variety of income sources she can rely on. The diversity she has baked into her business gives her more stability (and higher pay) than many traditional jobs. She came on the Able Business Radio to talk about her journey from being laid off to freelancer to business owner. We also cover:

In this episode we cover:

  • 5 different income sources you can explore.
  • How to discover problems people will pay you to answer.
  • What (and when) to charge for your products and services.
  • Strategies to build your brand (and what the hell a brand even is).


  • “Once you’ve tested it and piloted it, you can really go big.”
  • “Your price should be fear, plus ten percent.”
  • “Information solves a lot of problems.”

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