How To Generate More Revenue w/ Contactually – ABR041

Contactually-Zvi Band

New, repeat and referral business all come from one place. Your relationships.

Contactually CEO Zvi Band comes on the podcast to show us how to take the heavy lifting out of reaching out to and following up with your important business relationships.

In this episode we cover:

  • How to use a game to sort and ‘bucket’ your contacts.
  • How to use Contactually to:
    • remind you to follow up with important contacts
    • create personalized email templates
    • make an introduction
    • efficiently keep up with your contact’s social media
    • tag contacts based on location and personal interests
    • schedule emails to go out on a future date
    • keep personal notes on contacts
  • The power of a $10 basketball and doggie bowties.
  • What to say when reaching out to your network.
  • How many relationships you can realistically expect to keep track of.
  • The one thing that separates the most successful and least successful Contactually users.


  • “The best businesses in the world are built off of authentic relationships with their clients and partners.” – Zvi Band
  • “80-90% of my revenue has come from Contactually follow up reminders and nudges to reach out to my network.” – Zachary Sexton

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