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Automate Your Client Management w/ Jennifer Bourn – ABR049

automate your client management jennifer bourn

Jennifer Bourn is an award-winning website designer. She also runs her own small business. At the beginning of 2011, her web design business ate up all of her time. 100+ hour work weeks were the norm. Travel (her passion) was impossible. Stress was high. Important tasks were falling through the cracks. Then, during her annual business…

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The Likable Expert Advantage w/ Michael Katz – ABR048

Michael Katz is a likable marketing expert for solo professionals. He came on the podcast to show you how you can get more and better clients by positioning yourself as a likable [fill-in-your-service] expert. No marketing budget? No problem! After listening to this episode, you’ll know how to attract all the clients you need with…

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How to Manage Your Network w/ John Corcoran – ABR047

How to Manage Your Network with John Corcoran

John Corcoran is an expert at strategically managing the relationships that make a difference in your business. He believes sharing: your connections free, helpful content (podcasts, blog posts, videos) are the two best way to grow a network of people who want to support you and your venture. Service-based entrepreneurs listen up, this might be the best…

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How To Review Your Year w/ Mike Vardy – ABR046

Learning from past actions is one of the most effective ways to make improvements to your personal and business productivity. Today productivity strategist Mike Vardy is on the podcast to give you a simple game plan to review your year. By listening, you’ll get some fun strategies to help you: celebrate your successes learn from…

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What’s Your Productivity Personality Type? w/ Devin Ambron – ABR045

Productive Personality Types w: Devin Ambron

What would a perfect year look like for you? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually? With your finances? Devin Ambron put on a workshop this December to help Austin entrepreneurs build, plan and live their best year. We go over some of the strategies he used to help attendees kick butt in 2018. Including: reflecting on the past…

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Making Action Easy w/ Habits – ABR044

Making Action Easy w: Habits Zachary Sexton

Humans are creatures of habit. If we do something one way on Wednesday, odds are we’ll do that same thing the same way on Thursday. Sometimes that helps us. Think about those who exercise regularly and can’t imagine otherwise. Other times, not so much. Think about those who arrive home each night and unthinkingly switch on…

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