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bulletproof goals- Zack sexton

Goals have an impact beyond the obvious. Specific goals are connected to more important life goals. These higher goals reflect your most important ideas.

The specific goal of losing 20 pounds, for example, may be an element of a more important life goal of being healthy or attractive to your (potential) romantic partner. For the goal you selected from the Wheel of Life exercise, consider the following questions:

Questions To Answer:

Use these questions as prompts for a 5-minute free writing exercise about your goal.

  • Do you truly believe that pursuing this goal is important?
  • Would you feel ashamed, guilty or anxious if you didn’t?
  • Do you want to achieve this goal personally, or are you doing it to please someone else?
  • Is the pursuit of this goal enjoyable, stimulating or satisfying?
  • Is this goal part of a deeply felt personal dream?
  • How would success in this area change the way you see yourself?
  • How would other parts of you personal life change as a consequence of achieving your goal?
  • How would this affect the way that others perceive you?
  • What broader beneficial social impact might your success have?
  • What are some potential obstacles to achieving your goal?
  • What are ways you can overcome the environmental, social or personal obstacles to achieving your goal?

Understanding the personal connection and implications of achieving your goal will help you take the actions that align with where you ultimately want to take your life. Writing works because it will help you recall the reasons why working towards your goals in more important than the other, easier alternatives.

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