Get More Clients With Automatic Scheduling – ABR057

Get More Clients With Automatic Scheduling

Finding meeting times over email is a pain. This podcast walks you through effective use of scheduling software you can use automate your client bookings. Enjoy! Quotables: “There are few things that offer more leverage than a well-designed scheduler.” Links and resources mention: Zack’s Virtual Coffee Scheduler Connect with Zack and Ryan: Ryan’sTwitter: @dgtlminimalism Ryan’s…

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How to write great emails. – ABR056

Ever write an email and not get the response you want? Me too. This episode breaks down an old email from Steve Jobs so we can learn how to write more powerful emails that get results. Enjoy! Steve Jobs Email To Robert Murdock: James, Our proposal does set the upper limit for ebook retail pricing…

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Write Great Emails

how to write great emails

Writing followup emails can be frustrating. You want to send followup emails but you don’t know where to start. You want to follow up with old clients and colleagues but can’t think of something clever to write. You have writer’s block and could use some inspiration. It’s not so easy to come up with something…

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How to get started podcasting – ABR055

What to consider when starting a podcast Zachary Sexton

So you want to a start a podcast? This episode will guide you through the what and the how of getting your voice recorded, edited and submitted to iTunes.   In this episode we cover: What hosting is and why you need it. How to get your podcast in iTunes The most important factor in choosing a microphone. (Hint:…

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Automate Your Booking

Save up to 10 hrs/week with email automation What about you? ProBiz Solutions Our patented business solutions are unique and can be incorporated into almost any type of company. Your link text Improve With ProBiz No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement, and ProBiz are the experts for this.…

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